Scott Farmer, Author at Continuum CRM

Effective Sales and Sales Software Training

There are several different ways to deliver and consume sales training or sales software training. All can be effective, but not all are right for your organization. Learn about the different types of training and which might be the best fit for you and your team.

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LeadingAge PA 2017 Conference

LeadingAge PA 2017 Conference Recap

LeadingAge PA, a trade association representing Pennsylvania non-profit organizations that provide services to the elderly, holds an annual conference and expo. This year, Continuum CRM staffers were on hand for the event. Read Scott Farmer’s recap here.

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Forward Looking CRM

See the Future with Forward Looking CRM

Is your CRM system just a tool for looking backwards? Can you create accurate forecast reports based on statistical analysis or are you stuck looking at the past and making your best guess at what might happen later? Learn what a forward looking CRM tool can do for you.

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CRM Software Terms and Definitions

CRM Software Terms and What They Really Mean

If you’re trying to pick a CRM tool for your Senior Living community or CCRC, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of confusing terminology. A word might mean one thing to you, but something entirely different to someone else. Learn what several common CRM terms really mean.

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Sales and the Pareto Principle

The 80/20 Rule and Your Senior Living Sales Team

After years of sales, sales management, and sales training, one thing we’ve found true is the Pareto Principle. 20% of the sales team brings in 80% of the business. Of course, that’s not the goal. Learn how to get your bottom performers selling like your top performers.

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Senior Living Sales and Super Bowl 51

How Senior Living Sales is Like the Super Bowl

To win the Super Bowl, one team will have to play to its strengths, work together as a team, eliminate mistakes and lean on their training and preparation. Sound familiar? If you’re in senior living sales, it should. Discover what the Super Bowl teaches us about senior living sales.

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