Scott Farmer, Author at Continuum CRM

Balancing Mobile

We all use mobile apps these days and if you are like me you tend to find some of them easy to use, but lack the functionality needed to make them useful. If this is the case, you are not likely to use it more than once. On the other hand, you may find some of them have great functionality but are then very hard to use.

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Want More Sales? Get LUCKY!

Some reps were great presenters, others sold on personality. Some really did their homework, demonstrating deep knowledge while others basically flew by the seat of their pants. It goes without saying that some were wildly successful and others, well, not so much so.

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Thanks to Our Heros!

Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. There are many things I enjoy during this holiday like the added time off from work, the BBQ’s, the boating and other family fun activities. While these are certainly things that I enjoy, the reason it is one of my favorites is because of what Memorial Day stands for.

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