The Continuum CRM Story

Continuum CRM was developed specifically for Senior Living.

We recognized the industry was in need of a data-driven CRM that can meet the demands of today's Senior Living professionals.

About Us

Continuum CRM is designed to make sales teams more efficient, give marketers a holistic picture of their spending and ROI, and provide management with the vision to create better strategic plans through the collection and analysis of data. It was created by a team of professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in senior living, CRM, software development and project management.

Why did we choose the name Continuum CRM? Merriam-Webster defines Continuum as "a range or series of things that are slightly different from each other and that exist between two different possibilities."

To us, Continuum is all about possibilities.

  • A continual presence in your business, Continuum is about maintaining functionality across your service lines. Continuum is about nurturing relationships.
  • Our business philosophy is to cultivate, develop, and continually provide our customers with the CRM they need to be successful in their roles. Continuum is an ever evolving platform that can grow with the needs of our customer.
  • At Continuum we are devoted to the continuing support of our customers and are excited to bring you a product that can grow with your organization.

We believe in giving back, service to the community and human kind, and we look forward to creating long-lasting partnerships. Today, tomorrow, and in the future as processes and businesses evolve, we will be there for you, our customer, partner, and friend, to help ensure Continuum CRM is what you need it to be.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Scott Farmer - Continuum CRM

Scott Farmer


Scott is one of the co-founders of SFA Strategies, a successful sales training and CRM provider. In addition to being a US Navy Veteran, Scott has more than 35 years of sales, sales management, and operations experience working at Westinghouse Electric, ABB, Invensys, Formation Systems and SFA Strategies.

Based on his experience working for both large corporations and successfully building a new company, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge to our leadership team.

Lynn Madderra - Continuum CRM

Lynn Madderra


Lynn brings more than 20 years of experience in business process consultation, project management and data analysis. For over a decade, she has been focused on the CRM space serving as the Vice President of Operations of SFA Strategies.

Lynn strives to ensure that all customers are successful in implementing, utilizing and realizing the ongoing benefits of their CRM investments.

Tod Madderra - Continuum CRM

Tod Madderra


Tod has been designing, implementing and managing industry focused IT solutions for more than 30 years. He began his career in the process control industry, first as an Engineer and then as Director of Industry Solutions, and has fulfilled the critical roles of CTO and CEO for SFA Strategies for the past 10 years.

Tod is responsible for setting the company’s technical vision, defining our strategic direction and ensuring a secure and highly available cloud CRM environment. Tod excels at identifying emerging technology and trends, understanding the customer’s needs and creating the solutions that the CRM market needs.

Kristin Hambleton - Continuum CRM

Kristin Hambleton

VP of Business Development

Kristin comes to Continuum CRM from a large multi-site, Ziegler Top 25 CCRC in Lancaster, PA. She brings with her more than 25 years’ experience in sales, sales management, sales training & coaching, and CRM administration.

Kristin’s passion is in helping others succeed in the senior living industry. Her objective is to assist teams in becoming better sales people through consultative selling, and helping managers be more strategic in their roles through data mining and analysis.