Partnering with Continuum CRM

Partnering with Continuum CRM

The Continuum CRM Partner Program

Partnering with Continuum CRM helps strengthen the relationship between you and your clients. Whether you are a referral partner or integration partner, Continuum CRM is committed to the success of you and your clients.

We view our partnerships as collaborative, working relationships combining your industry expertise and/or technology with our leading Senior Living CRM platform. We not only provide support and training to you and your clients, but also dedicated partner-focused technologies to help you manage and supplement your offering to your clients.

Continuum CRM Partner Portal

Continuum CRM Customer Management Portal

With your client's permission, you have one-click access to interact with their Continuum CRM account via our management portal.

  • Coach your clients on successful use of Continuum CRM environment based on your customized template
  • Help your clients utilize the reporting and analytics you've defined for them
  • Assist or fully execute data management tasks for your clients using our built-in extraction, import and updating utilities
  • Continue to refine and enhance your client's Continuum CRM account as their business evolves and changes

Customized Partner Templates

Configure and maintain one or more customized Continuum CRM templates.

  • Create your own customized environment using layouts, sales processes, reports and more specific to the messaging you deliver to your customers
  • Maintain and refine your custom templates on an ongoing basis through our management portal
  • Easily roll out your saved custom templates to new and existing clients, no need to recreate the wheel with every customer
  • Leverage the Continuum CRM team during implementation and training so your messages and methodology are reinforced
Custom Templates for Partners
Custom Tabs

Custom Tabs and Integration

Customize Continuum CRM even further by embedding your own functionality in our Custom Tabs or create and host needed integrations to external systems.

  • Embed external or internal sites for coaching, education, external reporting and analysis in your own Continuum CRM Custom Tabs
  • Create custom UI links from individual Continuum CRM records to integrate with external URLs, applications, your client's intranet, file storage network directories and more
  • Leverage Single Sign-On functionality to create a centralized and integrated customer portal experience for your clients
  • Utilize our full set of standard APIs to create your own unique integrations to Continuum CRM or, work with us to develop custom integrations to difficult-to-integrate environments

Added Partner Benefits

Take advantage of all Continuum CRM has to offer to help you manage and develop your own business.

  • Manage your own business and client relationships with a customized Continuum CRM account of your own
  • Take advantage of training and support for your entire organization
  • Use demo and test environments for ongoing presentation and testing of your customizations and technologies
  • Participate in joint content marketing and communication opportunities

Continuum CRM does not require an exclusive contract to take advantage of these benefits. We do however believe once you begin working with Continuum CRM, it will be the only senior living CRM you'll want to recommend.

Call us at 800-570-6030 or click the button below to get more information about the Continuum CRM partner program.