What the Super Bowl Teaches Us About Senior Living Sales

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How Senior Living Sales is Like the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl and Senior Living Sales

I wanted to write a blog post that somehow connected the Super Bowl to Senior Living sales.

Not so easy right? I mean when you think about the Super Bowl your mind doesn’t naturally go to Senior Living sales. So why try?

Well, any good blog post should connect to something that is on the minds of the readers to help make it interesting enough for readers to read it. It also needs to add value in some way.

Hopefully, this post accomplishes these goals. I mean, who isn’t interested in the Super Bowl? Even if you aren’t, I think you will get value out of this if your company is in Senior Living.

So let’s talk about football and how it applies to selling to seniors.

First and foremost, football is a team sport. No matter how good the quarterback (or any other player for that matter) is, if you don’t block or if your receivers can’t catch or they run the wrong routes, you are not going to be successful. If your running backs are great, but you can’t block it is going to be hard for a running back to rush for many yards. If you have a great defensive line and your defensive backs aren’t good or the other way around, then you aren’t going to be able to stop a good team from scoring.

Sales is also a team sport. You can be the best sales person on the planet but if your properties aren’t up to par or your price is out of line or your company’s management is poor or the people that run and support your properties aren’t good, you are going to have a hard time being successful.

It also helps to have a good marketing team to get the right people into the pipeline and the right CRM system for your company to help drive sales effectiveness.

Let’s look at the two teams going to the Super Bowl this year.

First, there are the New England Patriots. They have the experience and many years of a winning culture. They have a great quarterback and a complete package of players behind him to make sure he is successful. They have a great, balanced defense.

Second, there are the Atlanta Falcons. They have the most prolific offense in football today with the likely MVP as their quarterback. There are no weak spots on the offense. While their defense isn’t near as good as the Patriots defense, they do have a good balance of run and pass defense.

Both of these teams also have great management. From the owners, to general managers, to coaches they are among the best in football.

In football, great management means being able to acquire the best talent in players and coaches. Training the players to improve their skills and training them on your offensive and defensive systems. Management has to then step back and let the coaches coach. The coaches can guide the players and even call the plays but in the end the players have to play the game.

In Senior Living sales, you need good company management. Management needs to hire good sales management and good sales people. The sales people need to be trained on the company’s product and property offerings, selling skills, internal processes, and your CRM system. Sales management can coach and guide sales people but in the end the sales people have to make the sale.

The two teams in the super bowl this year are very different from a team culture perspective.

The Patriots have been winning for a long time. They have history and experience on their side. To win, they have to take advantage of this experience.

The Falcons on the other side have youth and emotion. They have developed this extremely strong team approach to everything they do. They need to leverage this in order to win.

Your company has a culture that you have to leverage. Your company may have been in Senior Living for many years or you may be a newcomer. Either way, you have to leverage your culture to win. If your culture isn’t helping you win, then it needs to be changed. Without the right management, the right sales people, and the right culture, you will not be going to the Super Bowl of Senior Living sales.

Oh yeah, my prediction for the Super Bowl: high scoring (41 to 38) and the last team with the ball wins.

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Scott Farmer

Scott is one of the co-founders of Continuum CRM. In addition to being a US Navy Veteran, Scott is a seasoned sales professional who has more than 35 years of sales, sales management, and operations experience working at Westinghouse Electric, ABB, Invensys, Formation Systems and SFA Strategies.