Lynn Madderra, Author at Continuum CRM
Budgeting Now For CRM

Budgeting Now for CRM

Was purchasing a new CRM on your shopping list for this year? Did you do it? Or are you carrying the project over to next year?

If you’re thinking of putting off purchasing a new CRM until next year, it may not be a wise move. Too many senior living community operators put projects on hold that could have been benefitting them months ago.

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Keeping Connections Alive

Sales Associates at Villa St. Benedict are committed to remaining connected to residents and staff, as well as to seniors living in the greater community around them. Sustaining that level of engagement means keeping track of an abundance of details shared during visits and phone conversations. And it means making lots of calls to check in with people.

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From 30% Occupancy to 100% with a Waitlist

Peter Torrens has been in the industry for about 15 years, having gotten his start in multi-family housing before moving into senior care. Today, Peter is owner and operator of V-Esprit, a 100-unit independent living community in Aurora, Colorado. He turned a struggling community with 30% occupancy into one at full capacity, with a waitlist!

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Our New Virtual World – Part I How We Interact with Each Other

Most of us have been exposed to using virtual technology to communicate with our family and friends via tools like FaceTime and Zoom. Even grandparents have become accustomed to using virtual technology to talk to their children and grandchildren. Our family has even had Zoom parties for birthdays and anniversaries. While these are a little more challenging than virtual business meetings, it is very doable for almost everyone.

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