Looking for an Alternative to MatrixCare® REPS?

The Continuum CRM team has over 20 years of proven system migration experience, including extensive conversions from REPS™ Leads.

Switch to Continuum CRM

Technology is key and our platform offers industry leading Senior Living CRM functionality, but most importantly, Continuum CRM provides critical expertise needed to execute a successful data migration.

We have deep knowledge of data structures. You're never left to wonder if your important customer information, wait lists, custom data fields and historical activities will transfer to Continuum CRM.

The decision to migrate from your existing CRM is an opportunity to start fresh by removing stale lead data and gain visibility into your operation through robust dashboards and reporting.

Data Migration Experience

Changing your CRM is a tough proposition for any organization and choosing the right vendor is key, particularly in Senior Living. One of the biggest questions is, "Will we be able to migrate our valuable data from our current system?"

With Continuum CRM as your partner, there's no need to worry. The Continuum CRM team has over 20 years of proven system migration experience, including extensive conversions from popular Senior Living CRM systems.

Our team will seamlessly transfer your data to Continuum CRM utilizing our reliable, robust processes that cover all facets of data migration from extraction and translation to cleansing and validation.

Key components of our data migration process are:

  • Analysis and Inspection to validate data quality, pinpoint required data, and highlight gaps in the data of your current system
  • Detailed Mapping and Transformation exercises to define migration rules, cleansing routines, and final execution plans
  • Client Involvement and approval every step of the way to ensure successful migration and Continuum CRM adoption

Reliable Project Execution

Data Migration Project Management when Moving to a Matrixcare Reps Alternative

When transitioning your CRM, you cannot afford to spend countless hours directing the CRM team on how to integrate your new software into your existing culture. Our project team works with you to develop a solid plan and schedule taking your current operations and systems into account.

We manage your project from the initial kickoff meeting to sales process configuration through final user training. Our Senior Living expertise and thorough project management ensures successful community rollouts and peace of mind for a smooth transition. This allows your team to focus on selling while migrating to Continuum CRM.

Robust Reporting

Import Data from Matrixcare Reps then Run Reports

Do you need role-based dashboards that have meaning and provide important metrics to each person on your team? We have that.

Do you want real time information on metrics such as deposits, tours, Prospect Engagement Score, or occupancy at a glance? We have that too.

Do you need a set of robust reports that can provide guidance on strategy and results of the team's success? We have that too.

If we don't have a report you want, you can easily create one without having to pay to have it built it for you. Our simple filtering system puts the power of report customization in your hands with just a few clicks.

Configurable dashboards and reports give each user the information they need at a moment's notice. They also include drill-down functionality, so you can dive deep into more data without losing your place in the CRM.

Do you need to compile reports for your corporate team or board of directors? We have that too. Reports can even be exported to Excel for non-Continuum CRM users.

No matter what your reporting needs, Continuum CRM provides you with easy to use dashboard and reporting tools that you can adjust as your needs change.

Marketing Automation and EHR Integration

Marketing Automation and Integration when Moving From Matrixcare Reps to Continuum CRM

Does your organization use a 3rd party marketing automation system like Hubspot or Act-On to mature leads? No problem. Just push them automatically into Continuum CRM when they are ready to become a full prospect.

Using our API and Webhook integrations, Continuum CRM works intelligently with your marketing systems to keep key information in sync providing a seamless conversation with your prospects from lead through resident.

EHR and Operation management systems also benefit from Continuum CRM integration capabilities. Synchronizing key resident and inventory information allows Sales Counselors to sell and communicate with prospects more effectively.