Selling to Seniors: Building Relationships

Selling to Seniors Part III: Relationships

Building genuine relationships with your Senior Living prospects gives you the sales counselor the best opportunity at success and happiness in your role. But how do you do that? It’s not always easy, but these tips will get you on the right path.

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Niche CRM Software

The Pros and Cons of Industry Specific CRM Software

Demand is growing for industry specific CRM software. While there are some clear advantages, there are downsides and several things to look out for. Before you decide on a niche CRM software application, make sure you understand the pros and cons.

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Why We Need Another Senior Living CRM Tool

Not Another Senior Living CRM Software App

Think there’s no need for another CRM application designed specifically for the Senior Living industry? Think again. The industry is evolving and Senior Living sales and marketing teams need new ideas, new approaches, and better tools to stay ahead.

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Selling to Seniors Part 2

Selling to Seniors Part II: Essential Skills

It takes more than a thorough understanding of features and benefits to sell Senior living effectively. In part 2 of our Selling to Seniors series, we examine some of the skills needed to be a successful sales counselor in the Senior Living industry.

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Introduction to Continuum CRM

Introducing Continuum CRM for Senior Living

Continuum CRM is a cloud-based CRM software application designed specifically for the Senior Living industry. Learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you sell, market, and manage your inventory more efficiently and effectively.

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Interview with April LaMon of Lead InSite

Interview with April LaMon of Lead InSite

Recently, we spoke with April LaMon, Co-Founder of Lead InSite. We discussed technology in senior living marketing and sales, the need for a robust CRM system capable of integrations, how the landscape of senior living marketing and sales is changing, and more.

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CRM for Today's Senior Living Communities

CRM for Today’s Senior Living Communities

The world of sales is in a state of constant change. Last week I came across an article from 2004 listing the most effective sales tools. Topping the list was join a local networking group to exchange leads. Third was make cold calls. Today I shudder at the thought at either of those.

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Engaging with Senior Living Prospects

Keeping Senior Living Prospects Engaged

I cringe every time I hear a sales counselor say “I’m calling to check-in.” Let’s face it: you’re not. Checking in is the sales counselor’s way of testing whether or not the prospect likes them enough to take their call. The hope is that they’ll tell you they are ready to move in.

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How to Sell to Seniors

The Dos and Don’ts for Selling to Seniors

Selling in Senior Living today is vastly different than years past. Forget order taking when the silent generation lined up to be residents. Gone are the residents that moved in, demanded little, and silently lived happily ever after in the community they felt thankful to be able to afford.

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Senior Living Sales: Hunters vs Farmers

Hunting vs. Farming in Senior Living Sales

In senior living sales, you need to be a little bit of both a hunter and a farmer. You have to find quick wins (hunting) in order to sustain yourself as a sales person for the long game (farming). And in senior living, it can really be a LONG game.

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