Making the Most of Your CRM Reporting Tool

Getting the Most Out of Your Senior Living CRM Reports

Getting reports out of your CRM tool that show you the metrics and performance indicators you value most can be a frustrating experience. But that often has little to do with the reporting capabilities of your CRM software. Find out how to get the most of your CRM reports here.

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Baseball and Senior Living Sales

Baseball and Selling for Senior Living Communities

Baseball season just got underway! Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, the game of baseball has a lot to teach us about selling senior living. Now you might be thinking baseball and sales are completely unrelated. You’re not wrong, but there are a lot of parallels.

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Final Four and Buying and Selling Senior Living

March Madness and Buying and Selling Senior Living

If you want to win your March Madness pool, you know how much thought and analysis goes into picking each game. It’s a lot like buying and selling in Senior Living. They involve evaluating the field, studying each choice, and narrowing it down to the final contenders.

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Attracting Baby Boomers to Your Senior Living Community

Attracting Boomers to Your Senior Living Community

Tens of millions of baby boomers will enter retirement in the next decade. Many of them will be looking to move into a Senior Living community. But not just any community will do. Learn how your community can appeal to this massive pool of potential residents.

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Data Security for Senior Living Communities

What Data Security Means to a Senior Living Community

Senior living communities store and have access to a lot of resident personal and health information. That makes data security absolutely critical. But what is data security and how can a community ensure that their residents’ data is safe? Learn what steps your organization needs to take.

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Work Smarter...Not Harder. Or not.

Is Work Smarter, Not Harder Good Advice for Selling?

We’ve all been told to work smarter, not harder. In many cases, that’s good advice. But what about when it comes to sales and selling? Can you attract more prospects and move-ins just by working smarter? Find out why work smarter not harder might not be the right approach.

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Authenticity and Marketing to Older Adults

Authenticity and Marketing to Older Adults

If you think marketing your senior living community to older adults means going out and licensing a bunch of stock photos to use on your website and in your marketing materials, you might want to think again. Nothing is more effective than authenticity.

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Understanding Change and Selling Senior Living

Stages of Change and Selling Senior Living

Ever had a prospect inquire about your senior living community then disappear for months or even years before re-engaging with you? It’s not uncommon and there are scientifically backed reasons for it. Learn why this happens and what to do about it.

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Managing vs Coaching a Sales Team

Coaching vs Managing a Senior Living Sales Team

There’s a huge difference between being a manager and a coach. One tells their people what to do. The other empowers their employees and gets the most out of their team. If your sales team isn’t performing as well as you’d like, try less managing and more coaching. Here’s how.

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Sales and the Pareto Principle

The 80/20 Rule and Your Senior Living Sales Team

After years of sales, sales management, and sales training, one thing we’ve found true is the Pareto Principle. 20% of the sales team brings in 80% of the business. Of course, that’s not the goal. Learn how to get your bottom performers selling like your top performers.

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