Authenticity and Marketing to Older Adults

Authenticity and Marketing to Older Adults

If you think marketing your senior living community to older adults means going out and licensing a bunch of stock photos to use on your website and in your marketing materials, you might want to think again. Nothing is more effective than authenticity.

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Understanding Change and Selling Senior Living

Stages of Change and Selling Senior Living

Ever had a prospect inquire about your senior living community then disappear for months or even years before re-engaging with you? It’s not uncommon and there are scientifically backed reasons for it. Learn why this happens and what to do about it.

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Managing vs Coaching a Sales Team

Coaching vs Managing a Senior Living Sales Team

There’s a huge difference between being a manager and a coach. One tells their people what to do. The other empowers their employees and gets the most out of their team. If your sales team isn’t performing as well as you’d like, try less managing and more coaching. Here’s how.

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Sales and the Pareto Principle

The 80/20 Rule and Your Senior Living Sales Team

After years of sales, sales management, and sales training, one thing we’ve found true is the Pareto Principle. 20% of the sales team brings in 80% of the business. Of course, that’s not the goal. Learn how to get your bottom performers selling like your top performers.

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Senior Living Sales and Super Bowl 51

How Senior Living Sales is Like the Super Bowl

To win the Super Bowl, one team will have to play to its strengths, work together as a team, eliminate mistakes and lean on their training and preparation. Sound familiar? If you’re in senior living sales, it should. Discover what the Super Bowl teaches us about senior living sales.

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Strategic Planning with CRM Software

Your CRM as a Strategic Planning Tool

Your CRM is more than just a place to store information. Used properly, your CRM is a major strategic planning tool for your entire business, not just for the sales and marketing teams. Learn how to get the most out of your CRM with these tips.

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Shorter Sales Cycles with CRM

How Your CRM Can Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Your CRM system should have all the features and functions you need to reveal the highest engaged, most likely to deposit prospect, who is ready to become your next resident. Learn how to make your sales cycle shorter with CRM.

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Why Is Your Product Better Than the Competition?

Why Is Your Product Better than the Competition?

Do you know exactly what to say when a prospect asks you why your product is better than the competition? It’s a question you’re going to get asked a lot so you better be ready with a good answer. Learn how to answer that question with ease.

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How to Make Your Sales Team More Effective with CRM

Increase Your Sales Effectiveness with CRM

A good CRM tool has the power to make your sales team more efficient and more effective. Learn how your CRM can increase your sales and provides valuable insights based on data that management can use to make sound strategic decisions.

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Engaging Senior Living Prospects During the Holidays

Engaging Prospects Through the Holidays

For several reasons, the holiday season can be a very difficult time to connect with prospects and generate move-ins for your community. But the holidays also offer an opportunity to engage with your prospects in unique and extra special ways.

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