Marketing to Seniors Through Social Media

Social media has quickly become an important channel for marketing your senior living community. Seniors are a growing segment of social media users, but reaching them can be a challenge with so many platforms to consider and ways to engage.

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Marketing Assisted Living

Effective Marketing for Assisted Living Communities

When looking for an assisted living community, seniors and their adult children are looking for two things: information and reassurance. Does your marketing provide both? Or do prospects have to jump through hoops to find critical information about your community?

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Good Senior Living Web Design Examples

7 Great Senior Living Web Design Examples

Good senior living web design achieves a balance between visual appeal and easy to use functionality. Easier said than done. Plenty of senior living communities get it right, though. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these great senior living community websites.

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LeadingAge PA 2017 Conference

LeadingAge PA 2017 Conference Recap

LeadingAge PA, a trade association representing Pennsylvania non-profit organizations that provide services to the elderly, holds an annual conference and expo. This year, Continuum CRM staffers were on hand for the event. Read Scott Farmer’s recap here.

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Summer Senior Living Sales

Summertime and Selling Senior Living

It’s summertime and the selling is easy. But what happens at the end of the summer when the living is not so easy? Does your pipeline dry up? If you want to maintain a healthy sales funnel all year long, what you do during the summer can have a major impact.

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Forward Looking CRM

See the Future with Forward Looking CRM

Is your CRM system just a tool for looking backwards? Can you create accurate forecast reports based on statistical analysis or are you stuck looking at the past and making your best guess at what might happen later? Learn what a forward looking CRM tool can do for you.

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Measuring Conversion Rates Accurately

Why Measuring Conversion Metrics Isn’t Working

Traditional conversion metrics leave a lot to be desired. Successful senior living sales is about teamwork, lead nurturing, and relationship building. But you might not be measuring these things accurately. Learn what you should be looking at here.

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Transitioning to a New CRM System

Changing CRM Systems Painlessly and Successfully

Transitioning from one CRM system to another can be a difficult challenge filled with roadblocks, resistance, and technical problems. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how to manage the changes and avoid the common obstacles that get in the way of a smooth transition.

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CRM Software Terms and Definitions

CRM Software Terms and What They Really Mean

If you’re trying to pick a CRM tool for your Senior Living community or CCRC, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of confusing terminology. A word might mean one thing to you, but something entirely different to someone else. Learn what several common CRM terms really mean.

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Great Sales Team

How to Build a Successful Sales Team

There are 2 key components to building a successful senior living sales team: training and sales process. Unfortunately, providing ongoing training and maintaining a simple, effective sales process get overlooked far too often in the Senior Living industry.

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